• What Is Steam Car Wash?

Steam car wash uses revolutionary steam vapour extraction technology to wash and clean car’s exterior and interior. Heat and pressure combined creates a powerful cleaning solution that blasts away dirt, oil, stains like nothing else can. By using adequate pressure, dirt, dust, sand, bugs on the car surfaces are softened, removed and finally the surface is wiped using a micro-fiber cloth. Steam is completely safe on all car surfaces. Moreover, steam has sanitizing and deodorizing effects. The most special feature of steam car wash is its eco-friendliness. It takes very little water (Up to 2 liter per vehicle by average), and it does not cause any wastewater run-off. Steam’s washing power is truly amazing. You will be astonished to see what it can achieve without any chemicals. Eco Clean Cars is specially designed to wash and clean cars safely and efficiently. We get it done down to the details applying the unique STEAM vapor technology and high pressure. It easily reaches difficult to reach areas and tiny gaps such as between doors, trunk, and tires. These areas are usually very difficult to clean using other methods, but with Eco Clean Cars and its steam technology such areas are thoroughly cleaned. Eco Clean Cars is the future of eco-friendly car wash!

  • Steam Car Wash Scratches Car Surface?

NO! Steam wash will not scratch your car. Carwash scratches are often caused by rubbing tiny particles of dirt, sand, and dust against the car surface without removing them properly first. The Eco Clean Cars will effectively remove these tiny particles by applying the just right amount of heat, pressure, and water. The vehicle is then hand dried using a quality and soft micro-fiber cloth. Many car owners have had unpleasant experience of having their car scratched from drive in automatic car washes or even from using a self-service car wash facility. Steam (gas) is much gentler than high pressure water jet (liquid), and there is no object such as brush in direct contact with the car surface except when mopsor towels are used with a minimal force. Overall, steam car wash is much more “scratchproof” than conventional car wash methods.

  • Steam Car Wash Damages Paint Work?

NO! Paints made for automobiles are highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat. Steam is a form of gas. The very second steam is exposed to the atmosphere, the temperature of steam drops exponentially. In general, the temperature of the steam on the washing surface is well below 80°C in which will not damage the paint in any way. The Eco Clean Cars steam pressure is preset at 8 bar (116psi). This is a relatively low pressure rate, but powerful and sufficient enough to wash various surfaces safely and efficiently. Eco Clean Cars is actually safer to wash your vehicle than automatic car washes, high pressure car washes, waterless car wash concepts as it does not use excessive force, water and chemicals that can loose that shine on your paint. It also will not scratch your car like waterless car wash concepts as they spray a solution on your paint surfaces and rub the dirt off with their cloth. That method causes hairline scratches to your paint surfaces. Eco Clean Cars is your solution to more of an efficient, safe and future of car wash

  • Why Have I Never Heard Of Steam Car Wash Before?

Steam car washes is a first in INDIA but has been big success worldwide in America, United Kingdom, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore & Middle East. It is known for its effectiveness and water saving technology in which has been a major success worldwide. Be the one to experience the steam today.

  • Why Choose Eco Clean Cars?

We as a car wash provider do not use excessive water, chemicals, gimmick products and we have little to no impact to the environment, so not only you are benefitting yourself but you are also helping the environment in many ways. Eco Clean Cars is a revolutionary car wash service with fully trained staff to do the job. We are equipped with Karcher German technology so you should be confident we will get the job done safely, efficiently and best as possible.